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Power System NERC Reliability Compliance Study and Violation Mitigation

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Power system contingency analysis plays a pivotal role in identifying potential weak spots and ensuring reliable operation of power systems. Voltage stability is a critical aspect of performance evaluation of power system reliability. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation demands utilities to perform compliance studies to make sure that their systems meet the requirements of adequacy and security aspects of reliability. This paper presents contingency studies performed for a real utility system. The voltage stability criteria are defined, and a general software package is used to perform analysis including regular ACCC analysis, PV analysis, QV analysis, voltage sensitivity analysis, and dynamic studies. The analysis can be carried out manually. In order to facilitate analysis and to avoid tedious steps of running the simulation, recording results, and processing and reporting results, software tools are developed to automate all sorts of tasks and steps based on Python language. The studies have demonstrated that the software tools are efficient for carrying out contingency studies. Example results are reported in the paper in order to illustrate typical study results for a real power utility system.
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Power Systems; Contingency Analysis; Voltage Stability; Critical Load Level; Power System Simulator for Engineering

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