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Automation of Web Services Composition Development Cycle

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Since the emergence of Service Oriented Architecture and its implementation with the Web services technology, combining several Web services to response to a complex request presented a hard challenge. This is an area that has attracted the interest of many research organizations and manufactories. This paper firstly presents a summary of developed approach of Web services composition based on Model Driven Approach, and using different languages and systems, like Multi-Agent Reactive Decisional system for modeling task, Lotos language for formal verification, and Business Process Execution language for implementation. Secondly, the paper seeks to automate the generation of different processes (business process, executable process and formal process) by using the framework AWSCPM «Automatic Web Services Composition Processes based on MARDS», which is developed as part of this research work.
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Web Services Composition; Business Process; Executable Process; Formal Process; Framework AWSCPM

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