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The Performance of Bee Wax Propolis Inhibitor on the Ductile Cast Iron (DCI) in Saline and Acidic Environment

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The Bee Wax Propolis (BWP) has an inhibition effect on the corrosion of Ductile Casting Iron (DCI). This effect has been observed in 3.5% NaCl and 1M H2SO4 solution. FTIR spectroscopy, HPLC, and electrochemical measurement have been used to examine the performance of BWP. The inhibition efficiency increases with the addition of BWP inhibitor both in 3.5% NaCl and 1M H2SO4 solution. Electrochemical studies have revealed that the BWP has acted as a mixed- type inhibitor. The surface morphologies of the DCI specimens have been observed by optical microscopy. Based on polarization method, the inhibition efficiency of BWP in 3.5% NaCl and 1M H2SO4 solution are 99.97% and 49.82 %, respectively. The EIS test has also showed that the inhibition efficiency of BWP in 3.5% NaCl and 1M H2SO4 solution is 79.37% and 22.3%, respectively.
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BWP; Corrosion; DCI; Inhibition; Mixed Type Inhibitor

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