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A Novel Hybrid Method for Generalized Thresholds-Based Multiple Faults Detection and Localization in PMSM Drives

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This study deals with a novel Multiple Faults Detection and Localization (MFDL) algorithm, in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors based Adjustable Speed Drives (PMSMs-ASD), using a new approach combining both the Park Vector Currents (PVC) and the MultiResolution Analysis (MRA) based techniques. In fact, the proposed hybrid method has shown a high effectiveness degree for the detection and the localization of multiple faults, which can affect the PMSM-ASD such as the total loss of current sensors information, the total loss of position sensor information and the open motor phase. The two techniques are used in a novel way, as the proposed MFDL algorithm is able to easily discriminate between faults in order to generate a unique signature independently of load variation, speed variation or the instant of the fault occurrence. The proposed algorithm effectiveness and robustness have been assessed based on several simulation results.
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Detection; Localization; Multiple faults; MultiResolution Analysis (MRA); Park Vector Currents (PVC); PMSM-ASD; Fault Signature

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