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Bond Graph-Based Modelling for Parameter Identification of 5 kW Photovoltaic Group

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Nowadays, photovoltaic is becoming more popular, reliable, and widely used. Despite its popularity, there are several problems related to instability and non-availability in almost all the Photovoltaic applications. Various parameters cause those problems such as solar irradiation, temperature, the material used in the photovoltaic cells, as well as the battery's storage capacity, and the connecting cables. For a better understanding of those problems, it is needed to model photovoltaic installations trough Multi-physics modeling, which allows the simulation of photovoltaic installations and the impact quantification of each one of the parameters mentioned above. In this paper, a mathematical model based on graphical methodology (Bond Graph) for a 5 kW Photovoltaic Group is presented. The developed model demonstrates the effect of solar radiation and the ambient temperature on the output voltage, current, and power. This model is possible without going through an iterative process. In this work, all the photovoltaic group parameters are given according to ambient temperature, solar irradiation, materials of photovoltaic cells, and the conducting wires. The expected values for voltage and current have been successfully compared to the actual physical data. Good results have been demonstrated using RMSE, with values of 3.1775 V for voltage, and 0.04 A for current.
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PV Generator Methodologies; Renewable Energies; Parameter Identification; Micro Grid; PV Characteristics; 20 Sim; Bond Graph Modelling

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