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Simulation of Power Transmission from Photovoltaics into a Single-Phase Grid System Using Eleven-Level Cascade Multilevel Inverter

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This paper presents a solar transmission simulation strategy using eleven multi-level cascaded inverters connected to a single-phase grid. It proves the power transmission into a single-phase grid. The important mechanism of this energy transmission depends on the eleven multi-level cascaded inverters. Therefore, this paper uses a switch control strategy IGBT, which is the mechanism of the eleven multi-level cascaded inverter. The technique used to control the switch is Phase Opposition Disposition (POD). The principle of this technique is to cause the carrier signal in the opposite direction to less than 180 degrees, resulting in a decrease in the third harmonic. Simulation results using MATLAB/Simulink program with two conditions have showed that the first condition is the reference sine signal adjustment with the leading angle of the sine signal on the grid. The result causes the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in the system to be reduced to 1.15%. Moreover, the conditions of energy transfer can send real power and reactive power to the grid satisfying. The second condition is obscured in the light intensity. This paper consists of the simulation sudden change in the light intensity equal to 1000 W/m2 and sudden downward equal to 800W/m2. The simulation results show an unbalance in the transmission of energy from photovoltaics, resulting in reduced real power and reactive power and in Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in the system increased to 7.73%.
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Cascade Multilevel Inverter; Photovoltaics; Grid-Connected; Maximum Power Tracking; POD Modulation Technique

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