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Simulation of a Quadrupedal Bioinspired Modular Robot Using Webots

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This paper describes the algorithm creation process of a salamander-based locomotion in a modular robotic system (Mecabot). The morphology of the Mecabot robot allows translation and turning movements with active column: each column link synchronously moves with the legs, giving an additional DOF. The active column execution is based on the salamander movement. The rotation needs another program perspective, the column is immobilized and only the legs work. The robot is tested in the simulation environment Webots under ideal conditions, it is considered rigid and his mass center is supposed to be in the middle of the column. The simulations allow testing different coordination schemes and to observe an approximate behavior in three different types of movement: translation, turning and rotation. With the simulation it is determined which of one those three kinds of locomotion could program with active column and which one could not.
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Bioinspired; Mobile Robots; Modular Robots; Quadrupedal Robots; Salamander

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