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Simulated Annealing-Based Optimization of Biodegradable Plastic Synthesis

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Modeling has been done in order to determine the effect of raw material composition of biodegradable plastic on the tensile strength, elongation, water absorption and biodegradability. The novel synthesis of biodegradable plastic has been the addition of cinnamon oil to the raw materials of NIPAM-chitosan and glycerol. The methods used have been linear and nonlinear regression. Based on statistical tests, linear regression has yielded significant results for all the tests. After the mathematical model has been done, the optimum composition of the biodegradable plastic has been formulated. The method used in the optimization has been the simulated annealing. The results show that the maximum tensile strength has been obtained at the best composition, which has been 9% NIPAM-Chitosan, 45% Glycerol and 0% Cinnamomum Burmannii. The maximum elongation has been determined at 9.9487% NIPAM-Chitosan, 49.5902% Glycerol, and 1.1084% Cinnamomum Burmannii. The minimum biodegradability has been reached at 2.9273% NIPAM-Chitosan, 46.9772% Glycerol and 10% Cinnamomum Burmannii.
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Plastic; Optimization; Biodegradable; Non Linear Regression; Simulated Annealing

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