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Impact Analysis of PV-Integrated Grid Using Time-Scale Modelling

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This paper focuses on the impact of PV system on the operation of the grid. It is based on the time scale behaviour of an inertial and non-inertial system. The idea is to put forward by the response of the R-L network with inductors of different values. A dynamic model of a Photovoltaic (PV)-Integrated grid is used to model two areas and four machine networks. The response of the PV system during slow and fast transient is analyzed in this paper. A change in the behaviour of other synchronous machines of the network is also investigated, which indicates the overall impact of PV on the grid. The implications on the coherency of the loosely coupled areas is also analysed in this paper. Simulation results also validate the effect of PV penetration on the rotor angle stability of the grid.
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Non-Inertial System; PV-Integrated Grid; PV Penetration; Time-Scale Modelling

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