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Alternative Methods for Manufacturing and Processing Diesel Fuel with Magnetic and Ultrasound Fields

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Alternative physical methods, namely the magnetic and ultrasonic processing techniques, can be used both independently and combined with the classical technologies of motor fuel treatment and various ways to increase yield and improve quality. The purpose of the research is to generalize and analyze the findings available in the scholar literature and new data for 2012-2017 on the use of alternative methods for processing heavy oil residues (HOR), which allow obtaining diesel fuel of improved quality and satisfying the modern requirements. As a result of the analysis of the sources examined, the conditions for the sonochemical treatment of tar from West Siberian oil (WSO) and the method for processing of DF (black diesel fuel), which is a by-product of the process of sonochemical activation of WSO tar, are selected to improve its operational and environmental performance. It is shown that the magnetic and ultrasonic treatment improves the ecological characteristics of both diesel fuel and its combustion products, significantly reducing the sulfur content in the DF, the parameters of the DF production processes and increasing DF output in heavy oil residues treatment.
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Alternative Processing Methods; Diesel Fuel; Ecological and Operational Performance; Quality Improvement; Sonochemistry

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