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Design and Comparison of High-Speed Induction Machine and High-Speed Interior Permanent Magnet Machine

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Designing high-speed machines is a complicated process that needs thorough investigation due to their various applications in the industry. The choice of selecting between Induction Machines (IMs) and Permanent magnet Machines (PMs) depends on the required robustness, efficiency, and cost. In this paper, an IM and Interior Permanent magnet Machine (IPM) with similar output power (10kW), rotational speed (30,000rpm), and input voltage (380V) with Fractional-Slot Concentrated Winding (FSCW) are designed, optimized, and analyzed. The comparison is based on design challenges, cost, and efficiency. A genetic Algorithm is used to optimize the proposed machines and finite element analysis (Maxwell) is employed to support the result.
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High-Speed Machines; Machine Design; Induction Machine; Interior Permanent Magnet Machine

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