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Phase Equilibria in the Copper-Rich Corner of the Cu-Ce-La-O System at the Temperature Range 1100-1300 °C

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The thermodynamic modeling and the experimental study of phase equilibria realized in the Cu-Ce-La-O system in the 1100-1300 °С temperature range were performed. The aim of the thermodynamic modeling was to estimate the possible deoxidization depth of a copper melt by cerium and lanthanum when they are simultaneously present in liquid copper, as well as the determination of the oxide phases that can result from such deoxidation. To simulate phase equilibria, a method to construct the solubility surface of the components in the metal melt was applied, in the calculation of which the equilibrium constants of the reactions occurring in the metallic melt of the system under study and the interaction parameters of the first order (according to Wagner) elements in liquid copper were used. As a result of modeling, the diagrams linking micro-changes in the composition of a metallic melt with qualitative changes in the composition of interaction products were constructed. Moreover, during the calculation, isotherms of oxygen solubility in a copper melt containing cerium and lanthanum were constructed. During the experimental part of the work, samples of the metal of the Cu-Ce-La-O system were melted and then examined with a scanning electron microscope equipped with an energy-dispersive spectrometer for electron microprobe analysis to determine the type of nonmetallic inclusions formed. The results of the work can be used to analyze the technological processes of the production of copper and its alloys.
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Phase Equilibria; Thermodynamic Modeling; Deoxidation of Copper and Copper Alloys; Cu-Ce-La-O System

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