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An Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm Using Harmony Memory Search for Wireless Sensor Network

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Energy conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has become highly critical due to widespread applications. With this objective, few protocols and algorithms have been developed in conventional works. However, there have been major drawbacks due to the fact that it randomly selects the Cluster Head (CH) of the probability value. It does not take into account neither the residual energy of the sensor nodes, nor the high overhead that results in the increased consumption of energy. In order to overcome these issues, this paper proposes a novel Harmony Memory Search based Energy Efficient Clustering (HMS-EEC) technique to improve the energy efficiency of the network. The CH is elected based on the distance and the delay time of the nodes. If the member of the cluster receives the head message, it sends the join request to the CH. Once it has received the request from a member, it sends a multicast slot message to the corresponding member. Based on the slot, the member node forwards the packet to the CH and this process ensues till the slot becomes 0. Finally, the CH performs the data fusion and forwards the packet to the base station. The primary objective of data fusion is to save energy and to reduce the transmissions rate. The experimental results evaluate and compare the proposed technique with few existing clustering techniques in order to prove the efficiency and the validity of the proposed system. From the results, it is observed that the proposed HMS-EEC outperforms the other techniques by a significant margin.
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Harmony Memory Search Based Energy Efficient Clustering (HMS-EEC); Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs); Cluster Head (CH); Distance Calculation; Data Fusion; and Packet Transmission

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