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Assessment of Dynamic Line Rating and Photovoltaic Generation Integration and its Impact on Energy Dispatch

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This work presents the impact of including distributed generation, using photovoltaic generation (PV), in a power system considering a model of dynamic line rating (DLR). A methodology for the integration of PV generators and the DLR model into a power system was proposed. This methodology was validated by using four models of the system: The base case, the model including DLR, the base system with PV generation, and the model involving DLR integration with PV distributed generation. The integration of the models with data on generation and real-time environmental conditions was also described. This study was carried out in the National Laboratory for Smart Grids "LAB+i" at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota. According to the results of the study case that considered DLR and PV, the cost due to generation decreased 6.14% per day, whereas active power losses decreased 7.12% per day in comparison with the results obtained from the base system. The results showed the potential benefits and disadvantages of integrating new renewable generation sources and DLR as a solution to the current problems of constraints of transmission lines rating due to the power injection of these new sources. The results of this study conclude that it is feasible to incorporate PV generators into the nodes of the overloaded lines if the DLR model is used on these lines through the proposed methodology.
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Dynamic Line Rating (DLR); Photovoltaic (PV) Generation; Scenario of DLR and PV Integration; Optimal Power Flow; Energy Dispatch; Transmission Lines; Smart Grids

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