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Frequency Power Sharing for Battery/Supercapacitors Hybrid Energy Storage System in Electric Vehicles

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Battery/Supercapacitors combination offers superior performances for a hybrid electric energy storage system in Electric Vehicles. This paper, presents a frequency power sharing strategy to get the best use of complementarity between battery and supercapacitors. Storage devices are sized based on reduced scale specifications for the studied EV. Power and current waveform simulation results are shown for each storage device due to the use of a frequency power sharing policy. Various power split configurations are analyzed to study their effect on battery current waveforms. Optimal frequency sharing policy for the battery/SCs hybrid reducing RMS battery current is obtained. The best use of battery/SCs association provides significant improvements of Electric Vehicle performances in terms of battery lifetime and amortized cost.
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Battery; Supercapacitors; Frequency Power Sharing; Electric Vehicle

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