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A New Design of UHF RFID Tag Antenna Using Double Negative Metamaterial Based on Fractal SRR

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In this paper, a new design of miniaturized passive UHF RFID tag antenna using double negative metamaterial based on fractal split ring resonator is proposed. This tag antenna is designed on paper substrate having dielectric constant of 3.3, tangent loss of 0.04 and height of 250 micrometers. The effective read range can be obtained when the input impedance of the antenna is conjugate match with the complex impedance of the RFID chip. The dimensions of the metamaterial tag antenna are optimized and simulated by using the electromagnetic solver Momentum integrated in ADS. The obtained result was validated by CST Microwave Studio. The proposed tag antenna is designed to cover the North and South American UHF RFID band (902-928MHz). The input impedance bandwidth of the proposed tag antenna is 28 MHz (from 902MHz to 928MHz), the reflection coefficient is about -35dB and the simulated gain is about 1.73dB.
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Dipole Antenna; Metamaterial; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); Split Ring Resonator (SRR); Tag Antenna

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