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An Adaptative Control Management Strategy Applied to a Hybrid Renewable Energy System

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This paper covers the modeling and control of a hybrid system made up of a photovoltaic field, a variable speed wind turbine based on an asynchronous Doubly-Fed Induction Generator and a storage battery. The main objective of this work is to control the energy sources separately to extract the maximum of power from solar and wind energies. For this purpose, we use a non-linear Backstepping controller based on Lyapunov functions to command the system and maintain its stability. Then, a management algorithm will be implemented to explore the collected energy. The verification of the achieved study will be done in a simulation within the Matlab/Simulink environment. The contribution of this paper is supposed to present a new power management architecture.
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Hybrid System; Photovoltaic System; Wind Turbine; DFIG; MPPT; Backstepping

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