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Adaptive Vector Control of Induction Motor Using CTMVC

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A nonlinear predictive controller for induction motor drive, an on-line estimation of rotor time-constant and a load torque are proposed. The new controller is designed using a combination of two approaches which are Indirect Field Oriented and Continuous Time Minimum Variance (CTMV) controls. The on-line estimation of rotor time-constant is based on the mathematical model of induction machine. This controller has many advantages such as fast dynamic response and simplicity. The aim of this control strategy is to estimate and track the changes of rotor time- constant and load torque in order to obtain a global decoupling between rotor flux and electromagnetic torque and to avoid the use of expensive sensors. An open loop estimator of rotor flux is obtained from accessible variables. This controller is tested in MATLAB/SIMULINK and some simulation results are presented to demonstrate the validity of this approach.
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Continuous Time Minimum Variance Control; Indirect Field Oriented Control; On-Line Estimation

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