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Robust Nonlinear Control of Three Phase Grid Connected PV Generator Through DC/AC Inverter

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The present work deals with the problem of PV generators connected to public three-phase networks through a DC-AC inverter. Unlike conventional systems, the great benefit of the proposed system is its reduced cost since it does not involve a chopper, as well as its higher reliability. In this paper, the main aim is to achieve three control objectives: (i) extracting the maximum power point from the PV generator (MPPT), (ii) regulating the DC link voltage to perfectly track its desired array voltage reference, (iii) fully achieving the unity power factor requirement (UPF). In order to attain these objectives, a nonlinear controller is designed based on a non-linear model of the entire system. The results of the numerical simulation show that the performance of the proposed controller overcomes the Challenges of Climate Change and external disturbances, besides its ability to achieve the desired control objectives (MPPT and UPF).
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PV Array; Unite Power Factor (UPF); Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT); Lyapunov Stability; Integral Backstepping Control; DC/AC Inverter

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