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Inclusion of HVDC-Wind Generation in the Transmission Expansion Planning

Carlos A. Pardo(1), Mario Alberto Rios(2*)

(1) Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, School of Engineering, Universidad de los Andes,
(2) Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, School of Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
(*) Corresponding author



This paper proposes a methodology to include HVDC-wind powerconnection schemes to the transmission expansion planning. The methodology includes the identification of specific problems, the definition of alternatives of interconnection, and the definition of selection criteria and, finally, the selection of the best alternative (using the Cost Minimization Function) based on economic and technical parameters. Investment cost, operational cost and non-supplied energy costs are calculated for the analysis of each interconnection alternative formulated. Moreover, each alternative fulfill the N-1 criteria that indicatesthe systemsatisfies operational criteriawhen any component of the system is out of service. The exposed methodology is tested on two differentsystems; one of these is the Colombian Interconnected System. This considers future interconnection of wind parks in La Guajira (Colombia) with a total power of 3200MW (more than 20% of the installed capacity on the country), highlighting that the collector of this wind park is more than 100km away from the closest Colombian Electrical System substation, adding more restrictions on its connection.
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Cost Optimization; HVDC Interconnection; N-1 Criteria; Transmission Expansion Planning; Wind Power Integration

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