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Operational Issues in Symmetric Fuzzy Power Flow

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The symmetric/constrained fuzzy power flow (SFPF/CFPF) models are suitable to quantify the adequacy of transmission network in satisfying “reasonable demands for the transmission of electricity” as defined, in the European Directive 2009/72/EC. In this paper, SFPF/CFPF is mainly used to identify the basic repressions (inappropriate definition of reasonable demands) of fuzzy data (generation or load) when the adequacy of a transmission system is assessed. This situation arises essentially in cases where the network configuration does not fully support the requested power specifications. It means that these requests are inadequately formulated and lead to the creation of artificial repression in the results (artificial inadequacy of the transmission system). In this article, it is intended to show how these cases can be identified. For this purpose, the SFPF will be used, which does not consider branch limits. With this study, it is also shown how the reference power flows of the system are obtained in order to identify the congested branches.
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Adequacy; Constrained; Fuzzy Power Flow; Repression; Reasonable Demands Transmission; Severity

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