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Photovoltaic System for Three Phase Load with Nonlinear Controllers

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Supplying a three-phase load by a photovoltaic system with high control performances is the purpose of this paper. To track the maximum power point of the photovoltaic system a nonlinear controller was used. The proposed controller is a MPPT sliding mode method applied to a buck converter. The performance of this controller is studied under different environmental conditions and compared to a classic Perturb & Observe algorithm. Then, the single phase direct current is converted to three phase alternate current via a three phase inverter. To reduce the harmonic disturbance at inverter output a low pass filter was used. Different results are presented and discussed in order to justify the important performances of this nonlinear controller. Finally, validity and effectiveness are verified through a simulation in MATLAB\Simulink.
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Solar Energy; Photovoltaic; DC-DC Converter; MPPT; DC-AC Converter; PWM; Three Phase Load; Nonlinear Control; Perturb & Observe; Sliding Mode

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