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A Novel Method for Power Decomposition in the Electric System

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The independent power flow of individual generators among market participants is essential in the present restructured electricity markets. This paper proposes a new method to find the power contribution of individual generators to loads, line flows, and transmission loss. The methodology is based on the circuit theory and superposition technique and does not involve any assumption. It is Considered that the independent power flow of the individual generators will be used for determining cost allocation of transmissions loss and usage. In this paper, starting from a converged load flow solution as a base case, the network equation is manipulated to become a new equation consisting of a new bus impedance matrix and injection current vector of generators. Then, the superposition technique can conveniently be applied to obtain the superposition voltages of the individual generators. Mathematically, formulations of the proposed method have been clearly derived. The proposed method has also been tested with a case study of the power system, 7 buses, and the results are consistent with the base case.
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Circuit Theory; Superposition; New Bus Impedance Matrix; Power Contributions of the Individual Generators

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