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Mathematical Modeling Based on CFD Method of Wind Currents in Combined Working Out of the Olenegorsky Pit in the FlowVision Software Package

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The current stage of the development of open pit mining is characterized by the increase in the depth of the quarry and the deterioration of mining and geological conditions of mining, which is inevitably accompanied by the release of large amounts of harmful gases and dust into the pit atmosphere. The presence of harmful impurities in the pit atmosphere leads to the growth of occupational diseases and acute poisoning in miners and is a serious problem for both Russian and foreign mining companies. The sanitary and epidemiological regulation is the basis for dust and gas regime management of a pit in our country. Against the background of the complexity of geological and technical conditions, the increase of the depth of pits leads to the development of the air recirculation zone in the pit area, which is due to a decrease in the speed of wind currents and accumulation of harmful impurities therein. This in turn leads to the deterioration in the working conditions of miners. The mathematical modeling of the pit airing process in the FlowVision software package allows exploring the structure of wind currents in the pit area at a given wind speed on the surface. The obtained simulation results are of great convergence with previously performed experimental studies; their cost is low as compared to other types of studies, and can be widely used in research and design activity. The goal of the article was to study the structure of the Olenegorsk pit wind flows based on the Calculation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methodology in the FlowVision software package for a more complete study of the pit aeration process, taking into account the transport of harmful impurities and, as a result, the optimization of the working parameters of the borrow cut. The results obtained in the article can be used as a basis for in-depth scientific research of the pit aeration process and serve as a prerequisite for developing recommendations on the removal of harmful impurities from the pit space in order to improve the working conditions for the employees.
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Deep Pit; Pit Aeration Method; Harmful Impurities; Working Zone Air; Occupational Diseases; Laboratory Tests; Mathematical Model; CFD Method; FlowVision Software Package

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