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VLSI Implementation of an Adaptable Localization System for All Unicycle Robot Platforms

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In this paper, a new adaptable odometric localization system (AOLS) with all unicycle robotic platforms is designed. For this, a variable kinematic model is synthesized with VHDL code, using the QUARTUS II software, and then implemented using an FPGA CYCLONE II. The proposed method is based on a recursive algorithm to calculate in real time the exact position, the final orientation of the robot, as well as position and orientation errors for a given destination. The system designed can be used in the case where the configuration of a robot changes during navigation, in order to reach unattainable destinations by the normal platform. Experimental results show that the implemented system is well suited with two unicycles robots of different sizes, and generates in real time a very fast and accurate calculation for different case studies.
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Adaptable Localization; Mobile Robotic; Unicycle Platform; VLSI Implementation

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