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Modeling and Impacts of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Residential Distribution Systems with Coordinated Charging Schemes

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This paper proposes a modeling methodology for implementation of a charging infrastructure of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) within residential distribution systems. Using the feeder daily models, driving patterns, PEVs penetration and charging characteristics, the impact of their connection in the Power Distribution Network (PDN) is determined. In doing so, the number and distribution of PEVs in a residential distribution network are applied to the IEEE 13-node test feeder. Then, coordinated charging of the PEVs is proposed in order to minimize overloading and under-voltage events in the network, and also to perform peak load shaving through the means of load shifting, by delaying the start charging time of PEVs to off peak hours. Finally, impacts such as change in feeder demand curves, voltage deviation, overloading elements, electrical losses, and voltage unbalance, are addressed; taking into account the coordinated charging schemes proposed.
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Coordinated Charging; Distribution System; Peak Load Shaving; Plug-in Electric Vehicles

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