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A New Approach to FPGA-Implementation of DWT Applied to Real Time Denoising of Vibration Signals Related to Bearing Defects

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Wavelet based denoising excels in extracting hidden diagnostic information and enhancing non-stationary signals. Implementing this technique for denoising sensed vibrations before their transmission allows reducing the size of monitoring and diagnosis applications and increasing transmission capacity, processing speed, and results accuracy. This paper presents a new approach for hardware implementation of real time Discrete Wavelet Transform for signal denoising. The first step of this approach is the choice of the wavelet bases and coefficients shrinkage settings in order to meet the requirements of vibration signal related to bearings defects in an electrical machine. Then, hardware optimization is obtained by using only two FIR filters based on a single LUT and controlled by a finite state machine. Hence, the resulting Field Programmable Gate Arrays design complexity is greatly reduced providing a huge economy of used resources while maintaining a very satisfactory execution rate.
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Bearings Defect Signatures; Discrete Wavelet Transform; FPGA Implementation; Real Time Vibration-Signal Denoising

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