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Modeling and Verification of 7 DOF Armored Vehicle Model Considering Lateral Dynamics

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This paper presents the modeling of a 7 DOF Armored Vehicle. It includes load distribution, tire model, wheel model, handling model, yaw effect and side slip angle. All the mathematical equation will be derived in this paper and the modeling is developed using a MATLAB SIMULINK software. Then, the model is verified with the graph obtained by CarSim. A test procedure of double lane change driver path follower is used for the verification. Lastly, the results obtained by the simulation and CarSim validation will be discussed in term of its trend and similarity. Validation results showed that the developed model presents similar trend with CarSim results. The validated armored vehicle model can be used for further research such as developing a lane tracking system based on input given using a robotic driver system which act as actuator.
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Vehicle Handling Model; Lateral Acceleration; Yaw Rate; Side Slip Angle; Double Lane Change

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