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Design and Optimization of a Rectenna for Wireless Remote Supply Applications

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This paper describes a new method to design and improve a rectenna (rectifying-antenna) for wireless remote supply applications. It focuses on designing a high-performance rectenna for low RF power (-3dBm) working at ISM band centered at 2.45 GHz (frequency widely used due to its low attenuation through the ambient conditions). This study sheds light on impedance matching between the antenna and the rectifying circuit. A comparative study of different matching impedance methods was carried out in order to find out an adequate one. We demonstrate that optimizing the rectifying circuit after insertion of impedance matching circuit improve the rectenna performances in terms of reducing the return loss and increasing both the output DC voltage and the RF to DC conversion efficiency. Compared to the state of the art, an efficient rectenna was developed using this method. It achieves an output voltage of 2.8 V and an RF to DC conversion efficiency of 80% for -3dBm microwave incident power.
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Rectenna; Rectifying-Circuit; RF to DC Conversion Efficiency; Microwave; RF; ISM Band; 2.45GHz

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