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Modeling Circuits Radiation with Electromagnetic Inverse Method in Time Domain

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In the power electronics domain, the circuits emit an electromagnetic radiation on a band at various frequencies. Hence, the frequency domain electromagnetic inverse method based on the near-field technique, is not suitable for modeling the radiation of this circuit’s type. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the electromagnetic inverse method in the time domain with the aim to determine an equivalent radiating model. By analogy to the frequency inverse method, the method proposed in this paper, is based on the analytical equations that describe the magnetic radiations of the simple dipoles in the time domain. An optimization method based on the genetic algorithms is used to identify the parameters of equivalent radiating dipoles. In order to avoid the measurement errors, the equivalent radiation model was firstly performed, on the basis of the temporal cartography calculated analytically. To test our method relative to measurement errors, the inverse method in the time domain was secondly applied to the cartography of near field measured above a real structure. The comparison of measured cartography to that's calculated using the obtained parameters of radiating dipole's, show that the suggested method is suitable for identifying the real sources of the studied structure.
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Electromagnetic Inverse Method; Time Domain Modeling; Near-Field Measurement; Genetic Algorithms

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