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Harmonic Currents Extraction Techniques for a Fix and Adaptive Fuzzy Hysteresis Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter

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The main objective of this paper is to focus upon the comparison of three of harmonic current extraction techniques, based on harmonic mitigation and power quality improvement. The first method is direct control based on sliding mode control (SMC). The two others use respectively the instantaneous real and imaginary powers theory (p-q) and self-tuning filter (STF) with a conventional constant gain PI controller for the DC voltage regulation to optimize the energy storage of the DC capacitor. A fix hysteresis and an adaptive fuzzy hysteresis band current control techniques are used to generate the switching signals of the shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF).  Simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK/Power System highlighted performances and limitations of each proposed algorithms and also show effectiveness of the fuzzy logic control which gives flexibility and high dynamic performances.
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Active Power Filter (APF); Fuzzy Logic Control; Harmonic; Hysteresis; Power Quality

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