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Virtual Wheel Loader Simulation – Defining the Performance of Drive-Train Components

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Multibody simulation of wheel loader mechanics and Simulink modelling of a diesel-electric hybrid driveline are used to study the performance of a working machine with different driveline components. As a result, a combination of an electrical machine and a two-step planetary gear is introduced. This integrated system is capable of producing both high-torque off-road and high-speed on-road operation. The performance of the approach is verified by co-simulation. An integrated machine of this kind can act as a propulsion force producer for different types of working machines such as the wheel loader studied here or an agricultural tractor that is required to generate very high traction forces but also reach higher travelling speeds. As the integrated system has to fit in the disk wheel of the machine, a compact design of the components is required. Therefore, the electric machine selected for simulation has tooth-coils in the stator and permanent magnets embedded in the rotor, and it is cooled by half-filling the stator and rotor chamber by gear lubrication oil.The wheel loader model is simulated based on multibody dynamics and Simulink. In the study, different driving conditions are tested, and a comparison between a hybridized and an original diesel-powered working machine is made. The integrated machine torque and thermal loading are analysed.
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Permanent Magnet Machines; Traction Motors; Simulation; Planetary Gear; Co-Simulation; In-Loop Simulations

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