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A Simplified Small Signal Model of a Non-Ideal Single Inductor Multiple Output Buck Converter

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The paper develops a lumped small signal equivalent circuit of a Single Inductor Dual Output (SIDO) Buck DC-DC Converter. It engages the principles of state space averaging technique to arrive at its equilibrium state from the operating modes of the converter. The philosophy involves the theory of linearized perturbation for articulating the small signal ac model at a chosen quiescent point. It forges to out leave the transfer function model and incorporates the attributes of a compensator to extricate the stability of the system. It includes the design of a compensator to entail the benefits of the mechanism in terms of a regulated output with lower ripple content and suit the demands of low voltage high power applications. The MATLAB® based simulation results exhibit the ability of the methodology through Bode plot and step response analysis and avails the response from the use of discrete components to validate the same. The Data Acquisition Module DT9834 helps to interface the developed compensator in MATLAB/ Simulink® with the prototype model of the converter. The output voltages of the converter exactly replicate the simulation output. The simplified nature of the model, adequately validated provides the exact results of complicated model available in the literature.
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Averaging Technique; Data Acquisition Module; DC- DC Converter; Single Inductor Dual Output Converter; State Space Small Signal Model

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