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Assessment of Time Frequency Color Index for Electrical Machines Diagnosis and Fault Severity

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Improving availability and reliability of Induction Machine (IM) implies the minimization and the prediction of the maintenance operations. In this paper, we focus on detection and location of the rotor electrical faults in IM. This kind of fault generates non-stationary signatures in the stator current of the machine. Advanced signal processing techniques are required to deal with that type of signals. In this context, several recent studies suggest the use of Time-Frequency Representations (TFR) for the diagnosis of IMs' faults. This work presents a comparative study of some linear TFR. This last relies on good experimental results conducted on a test bench using a wound rotor induction machine operating in no load condition. The purpose is to showcase the TFR performances in faults detection. Static indicator is used to check the fault severity.
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Asynchronous Machine; Fault Detection; Location; Rotor Electrical Faults; Non-Stationary; Time-Frequency Representations; Diagnosis; Fault Severity

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