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Position Control of a Vehicle Seat Using Rapid Prototyping and CAN Protocol

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Rapid prototyping of embedded systems allows the emulation of different kinds of systems, whose representations can be expressed in the discrete time domain. In addition, using rapid prototyping allows the emulation of different control strategies, to achieve a desired response of the system, using design parameters. This emulation is complemented with an efficient communication protocol for sending control signals and receiving the processing value. In this work, the CAN communication protocol is used. This protocol allows, data transfer between two embedded systems, on which the dynamics of a process and its control strategy to emulate a servo system are presented. The most significant results are the design of the control strategy, the emulation of the system dynamics and the configuration of the communication network allowing the exchange of information between the controller and the process.
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CAN Bus Protocol; Hardware in the Loop; Servo System Controller

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