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Modeling and Simulation of Overtaking Maneuver Using BDI Agent

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Overtaking other vehicles is the most complex maneuver and one of the most dangerous driving maneuver. A device that can be used to improve safety in the overtaking maneuver is the Overtaking Assistance System (OAS). The development of this device toward the Cooperative OAS requires modelling and simulation of overtaking maneuver based on multi-agent. In this paper the overtaking maneuver is modelled and simulated in three overtaking maneuvers techniques namely accelerative, flying, and 2+. Belief-desire-intention (BDI) agent architecture is used in modeling and simulation. The possibility of BDI agent to model the real situation is the main reason of the selection of the BDI agents in this study. The test results of model and simulation can represent the real situation and can be used in the development of cooperative OAS.
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Overtaking Maneuver Modeling and Simulation; Overtaking Assistance System; BDI Agent

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