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Calculation Model of Gear Meshing Stiffness Using FEM

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This paper deals with gear meshing stiffness as an important input parameter for modeling the gear dynamic behavior. Several calculation models of this parameter exist in the literature and one of the best models is the comprehensive analysis (ranked level A by ISO-6336 standards) which includes all influences, this model can be performed either by direct measurements for the analysis of a manufactured gear box or by the Finite Elements Method (FEM) at the design phase. Considering that discretization error, by definition, impacts the FEM results, therefore the authors examined its effect on the calculated gear stiffness values and developed a novel model for gear meshing stiffness calculation. This model uses the exact FEM solution obtained from the discretization error estimator based on total energy deformation. Validation test was performed on a reverse spur gear system and the results showed that the proposed calculation model is suitable for providing accurate values of gear meshing stiffness.
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FEM; Gear Meshing Stiffness; Discretization Error; ISO-6336

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