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Modeling of a New Three Phase High Voltage Power Supply for Industrial Microwave Generators with Magnetron

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The purpose of this article is to develop an improved new high voltage power supply model for magnetrons, used for the microwave generators in industrial applications. The design of this system is composed of new three-phase leakage flux transformer (a laminated magnetic closed circuit composed of five vertical columns and two yokes) supplying by phase a cell, which multiples the voltage and stabilizes the current. Each cell in turn, supplies a single magnetron. An equivalent model of this transformer is developed taking account the saturation phenomenon and the stabilization process of each magnetron. Each inductance of the model is characterized by a non linear relation between flux and current. This model was tested by matlab-SIMULINK software near the nominal state. The results of simulation were represented a good agreement with experimental measurements. Relative to the current device, the new system provides gains of size, volume, cost of implementation and maintenance.
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Three-Phase Transformer; Modeling; Matlab-Simulink; Microwaves; Power Supply

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