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AC Grid Connected DFIG-Based Wind Turbine with Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Nonlinear Predictive Control

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The paper presents an AC grid connection for wind energy conversion system (WESC) based on the doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG). A direct voltage control (DVC) approach is designed for applying the DFIG system to obtain a sinusoidal waveforms of the stator voltage. In order to compensate the harmonic produced by the three-phase Diode Bridge supplied by a passive circuit (rd, Ld), a shunt active power filter (SAPF) is connected between DFIG and this nonlinear load at the point of common coupling (PCC). In this work we are all deeply concentrated on development of a new control strategy using nonlinear predictive control (NPC) for SAPF. The proposed control strategy consists of two blocks. The first one is the calculation unit of SAPF reference currents that allows us to identify the disturbance currents. The second one is the nonlinear predictive controller based on currents control loop that provides the switching function of the three half-bridges based on IGBT transistors. The presented work in this paper is validated via simulation under MATLAB/Simulink on a 1.5 MW DFIG-based wind turbine connected to an AC grid, taking into consideration the compensation for the disturbance currents. The results obtained in this work appear to be satisfactory and promising.
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Wind Power; Doubly-Fed Induction Generator; Shunt Active Power Filter; Nonlinear Predictive Controller; Energy Quality

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