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Development of a Very High Pressure Ratio Single Stage Centrifugal Compressor

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The current paper refers to the preliminary design of a high pressure single stage centrifugal compressor for use in a novel jet engine architecture. The design goal demanded that the centrifugal compressor achieved a high static to total pressure ratio without the aid of a vaned diffuser. Hence, a rotor with high diffusion had to be designed in such a way that the aerodynamic losses were minimized. Computational Fluid Dynamics methods are used to determine flow patterns and increase design efficiency as well as manage tradeoffs. In this study the curvature and rotation compensating Menter k-omega SST turbulence model was applied in order to increase the accuracy of the RANS simulations. A finalized pre-design geometry is presented and discussed in detail. The final total to total pressure ratio of the compressor was 14:1, with an polytropic efficiency of around 0.86. Further work will involve tailoring the compressor and the rest of the engine flow path to better integrate in achieving peak performance.
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Centrifugal Compressor; High Pressure Ratio; CFD; K-Omega SST; Tangential Pulse Detonation Engine

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