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Comparison of New LVRT Compatible MV Network Short-Circuit Protection Schemes

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Traditionally short-circuit protection operation time delays in medium-voltage (MV) networks have been dependent on magnitude of fault-current or impedance with fixed time delays or inverse time curves without consideration of protection selectivity issues with distributed generation (DG) units’ low-voltage-ride-through (LVRT) curves and possibility of intended island operation. In the future, these issues need to be considered increasingly in MV network protection specifications. In this paper two new future-proof directional short-circuit protection schemes are compared and evaluated. Both schemes enable, without use of high-speed communication, the definition of grid code LVRT curve compatible voltage dependent protection operation time delays during grid connected operation for intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) in MV distribution network which consists of multiple protection zones.
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Protection; Smart Grids; Grid Code; Network Code; Interconnection Requirements; Low-Voltage-Ride-Through; Fault-Ride-Through; Islanding; Distributed Generation; Distribution Network

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