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Dynamic Magnetic Circuit Modelling of Permanent Magnet Linear Motor Including End-Effects

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Usage of a magnetic circuit model as part of a dynamic simulation model of a non-salient 12/16 permanent-magnet linear synchronous motor drive is investigated. The complete dynamic system model includes position control, motor magnetic circuit and mechanical models. A dynamic motion profile is simulated to demonstrate the dynamical capability of the simulation method proposed. To validate the simulation results both comparison to FEM model results and experimental tests have been done with a linear drive, including a commercial permanent magnet linear motor. The same motion profile as in the simulation has been used. The simulation results show good correlation with FEM model results as well as with experimental results. The correlation is high both in the system model level and in the motor model level showing e.g. the saturation effects during operation points with high force demand.
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Flux Model; Linear Drive; Magnetic Equivalent Circuit; Modelling; Simulation

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