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Command of the Novel Multilevel Active Power Filter by an Algorithm Through the P-Q Developed

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Multilevel shunt active power filters are used to suppress the harmonics and make the power factor nearer to unity. That’s also, allows reducing the inverse voltages applied to the filter switches. But, the elevated number of the switches requires a difficult control and increases the switching losses; where the innovations of these systems are necessary. In this paper a novel five-level inverter is presented as a shunt active power filter to eliminate these anomalies. The deployment of this topology limits the stress in inverse voltage supported by switches via dividing the continue voltage bus DC. However, it is composed of a small number of six bipolar switches able to generate five levels of the output voltage. The simulation is performed using a new algorithm through the P-Q developed theory for harmonic currents identification in Matlab/Simulink. The obtained results show that the filtering performances are well improved.
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Active Filter; Multilevel Inverter; Harmonics; PDPWM Control; Fuzzy Controller

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