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A New Approach in Modelling and Control of Distributed Energy Resources for Performance Optimisation and Reliability Improvement in a Micro Grid

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In this work, modelling and analysis of a grid connected distributed sources is discussed to achieve the desired power sharing amongst them for constant load supply with full utilization of distributed generation and maintaining a constant DC link voltage. The hybrid system in discussion consists of a photovoltaic (PV) array, WES (wind Energy System) and PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) coupled through a unidirectional boost converter to a DC link. This DC link is further connected to the AC grid through an inverter and a coupling transformer. Two new control modes namely GCM (Grid control Mode) and DGCM (Distributed generation Control Mode) are used in control of the composite system for safe operation in on-grid as well as off-grid mode satisfying voltage and power balance constraints. Different modes of operation have been demonstrated to verify and validate the desired power management amongst the various sources. MATLAB/SIMULINK software is used for simulating the composite model. A laboratory prototype was assembled and tested with an addition of an energy storage medium which is an electro-chemical battery. The results of simulation and prototype were discussed indicating scope for future work.
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Distributed Generation; Energy Management System; Modeling And Control; Hybrid System Analysis

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