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Monte Carlo Simulations of the Plasma-Wall Interactions

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Controlling plasma-wall interactions is critical to achieving high performance in present day tokamaks, and this is likely to continue to be the case in the approach to practical fusion reactors. The interaction of the fast particles from the hot plasma of magnetic confinement fusion experiment with the first wall is one of the most challenging problems toward the realization of a fusion power plant, because will have a considerable impact on the  performance of fusion plasmas, the life time of  plasma-facing components. In this work, we describe the principles of Monte Carlo simulations, we studied the plasma-wall interactions in particular erosion of the first wall for the three components (Fiber: C, W and Be), the comparison between results (for the three components) obtained by Monte Carlo simulations.
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Interaction; Plasma-Wall; Magnetic Confinement; Monte Carlo; Erosion

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