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Dynamic Analysis of Gate Operated Magnetic Piston (GOPI) Engine Using ANSYS Software

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The increasing depletion of fossil fuels lays imperative emphasis on alternate sources of energy for automobile application. In focus with the current trend of new sources of energy, this research paper presents the mathematical modeling, simulation and dynamic analysis of the Gate Operated Magnetic Piston Engine further referred as GOPI. In the GOPI engine, the motion of the piston is controlled by a high permeable magnetic shield gate. The dynamic analysis of the GOPI engine was done using the ANSYS software. The simulation was run for different operating conditions of the engine and the engine efficiency was found to be dependent on the material selected for gate modeling, thickness of the gate material, type of the shield material chosen for gate modeling, distance of the gate from fixed magnet to the magnetic piston, the pole strength of magnets and the mechanism used to operate the gate. The GOPI engine can be used to produce both electrical and mechanical power as outputs. This can further lead to a new era of engines running on magnetic potential thereby reducing the carbon footprints. The mechanical power generation using the GOPI engine has been discussed in detail in this paper.
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ANSYS; Dynamic Analysis; GOPI Engine; Magnetic Engine; Mathematical Modeling; Shield material; Simulation

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