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FEM Simulation Based Computation of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Loose Transmission Gearbox Casing

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The main objective of this research work is to compute the dynamic response in terms of natural frequencies and mode shapes of the heavy vehicle truck transmission gearbox casing subjected to connecting bolts loosening condition. The results of loose transmission casing analysis were compared with the zero displacement constraint condition when casing is tightly mounted on chassis frame using 37 connecting bolts. The loosened transmission causes heavy vibration and noise problem and leads failure of vehicle transmission system. The torsional vibration produces rattling and clattering noise. Reciprocity Principle has been used to determine the frequencies and mode shape for loosened transmission casing. The natural frequency and vibration mode shape are modal parameter required for initial design. The study of loose transmission casing is important for the point of view of resonance phenomena. The first 20-vibration mode shape and natural frequencies were calculated for zero displacement constraint condition, back and right side positional unconstraint conditions using FEM simulation. The study has theoretical and practical reference for the structure optimization of truck transmission casing. FEM based analysis tool ANSYS 14.5 has good analysis features and Solid Edge, Pro-E were used for modelling of transmission casing. The natural frequency of FEM simulation varies from, zero displacement condition (1669-3576) Hz, back side (1165-3467) Hz and right side (1929-3804)Hz positional unconstraint loose transmission casing. The loosening of transmission casing decrease the natural frequency by (3-30)% of zero displacement constraint condition.
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Simulation; Torsional Vibration; Zero Displacement; Constraint; Connecting Bolts; Loose Transmission Casing; Unconstraint

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