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Accurate Average Model of PDM Dual Inverter

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The fact that PDM dual inverter is supplied by a voltage source in series with an inductance instead of a true current source gives to the converter a behavior which differs from the idealized behavior. This difference in behavior appears under two aspects that duality rules cannot predict: i) impossibility of Zero-Voltage-Switching and ii) step-up power action. The work presented in this paper constitutes an analytical study of the converter in its realistic form. It is based on the application of Kirchhoff's laws. The results are the establishment of a computational tool of series inductance and of an average model, which respectively ensures Near Zero-Voltage-Switching (NZVS) and determines the power transmitted accurately without restrictions on the PDM pattern characteristics. The results are validated by simulation in Matlab SimPowerSystems.
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Average Model; Near Zero-Voltage-Switching; Parallel Resonant Inverter; PDM Dual Control

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