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High-Q RF CMOS Tunable Active Inductor for multistandard applications

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A novel cascode-grounded tunable active inductor topology is proposed. A feedback resistance is added to improve the equivalent inductance and quality-factor, while the tuning of the desired inductance value is achieved by using PMOS resistor and control voltages. The tunable active inductor has been implemented in a standard 0.13 µm CMOS technology. The post-layout simulation results show that a frequency tuning range can be achieved from 1.76 GHz to 6.55 GHz varying the inductance value from 10.94 nH to 44 nH.
A high quality factor of 2581 is obtained at the frequency 2 GHz. The total active inductor physical silicon area is (25.3 × 12.21) µm2.
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Tunable Active Inductor; High Quality Factor; Feedback Resistor; Single-Ended; CMOS

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