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A New Direct Power Control Scheme Applied to a Grid Connected Fuzzy-MPPT-Controlled Photovoltaic System

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In this paper, an advanced direct power control (DPC) applied to a grid connected photovoltaic system (GCPS) is presented. The proposed system is composed of a fuzzy MPPT controlled buck-boost photovoltaic array, a DC voltage controller, a vectored MLI controlled inverter and a grid. The DC voltage controller is principally used to adapt the voltage required by the DPC controlled inverter connected to the grid. Different components are used to perform the DPC controlled topology system such as regulators, PLL and filter grid. A significant simulation work was presented so as to take out the important results. Different results are presented and discussed in order to justify the important performances of the proposed system. They show clearly how the proposed methodology is an efficient advanced direct power control procedure.
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DPC; GCPS; Fuzzy; Buck-Boost Converter; Inverter; PLL

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